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cos everybody loves them. so does my polaroid.

above: 600 film and my coolcam polaroid camera. kindof eerie.

anniversary flowers

lets try again: 600 film + sx-70 camera stuck on close-up, with much better results.

nov 17th might be one of my favourite days 🙂


new beginnings (2008)


I’ve been searching for a place to rest my head, perhaps I have found it. We’ll see.
ill fated sunset
This frustrates me: Of my 3 SX-70 cameras, only one works. One buzzes incessantly, the Sonar version must have a puncture in the bellows and only spits out white, wasted polas (it has taken one proper photo ever, above). The remaining, mostly functional SX-70 has a lense with a focal length of 10cm-3m and pops out of the camera at the shortest range, requiring it to be re-affixed to camera again. The shutter is only tripped by using a key, or a similar metal object to connect the two contacts. Ironically, this is the camera that looks the most broken but is the only functional one.

I’m hoping to set up a flickr sometime soon, given that I have much time on my hands and should be able to maintain it easily enough if I get all the startup done now.

There’s a lot to do before I go away after Christmas. I have a lot of design work to finalise for church that I’d only partially finished during the uni term.

Current projects I’m trying to work on, or finish, include:

  • a (new) quilt I started a long time ago
  • a pinhole camera
  • obtaining a folding medium format camera, diana, holga or similar
  • developing the last negatives from Japan (2005) and starting on the negatives from Europe (2007) – yes, I do hate my film and refuse to care for it properly. It is refrigerated, so surely that is something.
  • reading the pile of 7 books next to my bed
  • making a summer dress before summer is actually over
  • getting this blog/website up and running in a format I’m happy with!
  • planning a trip to the US with my brother, revisiting all the places we saw when we were kids and going to all the places we’ve heard about since…

Til next time,