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Design by Indi Hanlee

Are you looking for more? Not satisfied with always trying to get more? More stuff, more sex, more friendship, more significance? Hunger for more justice, more hope about the end of the world, more free food? More is about the good news that Jesus offers more to life, more life eternally and more to life now!

Credo‘s biennnial mission//outreach event extravaganza is this year being organised and run across 3 university campuses, which is really exciting! Christian Union at Macquarie uni and Campus Bible Ministries at UWS are running More alongside us, sharing speakers and branding (concept and images by Indigo Hanlee), and also, a website.

James Kirsop and I designed and delivered the website, which needed to promote each campus’s events equally but clearly, so that people weren’t confused by what was happening at their uni.

It incorporates icons to represent the nature of each event and videos (edited by James Kirsop) on the speakers and the topics of the talks. Dave Miers and Greg Lee will be speaking at all three campuses on a range of topics. Both of them have excellent video manners!

Technical notes: I was a little disappointed with HTML5 video – I had very high hopes about its beauty and compatibility. In the end we went with YouTube videos and embedding, which seems to be very compatible, except for those with internet blocking software…

Check out the website, come along to one of the events, appreciate the pacman stylings of Indigo Hanlee who expertly came up with the initial concept of the design. She also helped out with making sure the website fit the branding of the other events.


website design: Petcare

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Petcare Website

We recently completed and pushed live the new Petcare website, which has been a work in progress for some time. Built off a WordPress backend so as to be completely client friendly and absolutely updateable forever, we created a custom theme that works off the existing branding of the client. Completely hand coded and one-of-a-kind. Our client doesn’t have to worry about looking like a template, or using generic stock imagery, because their website doesn’t.

Of course, don’t just take it from me. What does our client say, more importantly?

“I am very happy with your work and I am also happy that I found you. I get a buzz out of young talent with a caring professional attitude.”

See below for more images, or visit the website and see for yourself.

Clear information design and some restructuring of content means the wesbsite is optimised and easily understandable. Across the site, design is consistent and custom for Petcare; boutique, just like the client.

Clear information design

new beginnings (2008)


I’ve been searching for a place to rest my head, perhaps I have found it. We’ll see.
ill fated sunset
This frustrates me: Of my 3 SX-70 cameras, only one works. One buzzes incessantly, the Sonar version must have a puncture in the bellows and only spits out white, wasted polas (it has taken one proper photo ever, above). The remaining, mostly functional SX-70 has a lense with a focal length of 10cm-3m and pops out of the camera at the shortest range, requiring it to be re-affixed to camera again. The shutter is only tripped by using a key, or a similar metal object to connect the two contacts. Ironically, this is the camera that looks the most broken but is the only functional one.

I’m hoping to set up a flickr sometime soon, given that I have much time on my hands and should be able to maintain it easily enough if I get all the startup done now.

There’s a lot to do before I go away after Christmas. I have a lot of design work to finalise for church that I’d only partially finished during the uni term.

Current projects I’m trying to work on, or finish, include:

  • a (new) quilt I started a long time ago
  • a pinhole camera
  • obtaining a folding medium format camera, diana, holga or similar
  • developing the last negatives from Japan (2005) and starting on the negatives from Europe (2007) – yes, I do hate my film and refuse to care for it properly. It is refrigerated, so surely that is something.
  • reading the pile of 7 books next to my bed
  • making a summer dress before summer is actually over
  • getting this blog/website up and running in a format I’m happy with!
  • planning a trip to the US with my brother, revisiting all the places we saw when we were kids and going to all the places we’ve heard about since…

Til next time,