print design: modern wedding invitations

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I married the love of my life in June of last year and despite attempting to persuade my more talented friends to design my wedding invitation, they insisted it was my responsibility.Wedding-Invite_angle

I wanted to design an invitation that was rich, evocative and easily printable. We couldn’t afford expensive embellishments like foils or embossing and I didn’t have the time to hand glue and cut thousands of small pieces of ribbon or paper.

I wanted something that looked modern, rather than the very traditional or classic styles, but without chevrons and on-trend everything (aka ‘as seen on Pinterest’).Wedding-Invite_frontWedding-Invite_back

We continued the design across the order of service and the thankyou cards (which we had in place of wedding favours).still004

In lieu of traditional wedding favours like chocolates or candles, we gave gifts from the TEAR Really Useful Gifts catalogue to different projects, and each table received a different item. Having received a lot of bomboniere that were food or cute tokens, I found it hard to justify that myself, knowing that our guests wouldn’t really benefit from a packet of seeds or something else small that fit within our budget – but that same one or two dollars would go much further for people who couldn’t afford to eat or send their children to school. The thankyou card was simple and explained our decision – many of our guests loved the idea and commented on it afterward to us.

Thankyou card for placesettings

Image by Halcyon Claire Photography

If you’re interested in buying the design or having me create your own custom wedding invitations or bits and pieces, please contact me and let me know. I would love to help you celebrate your upcoming wedding day.

Fonts: Gotham font family, Mountain Retreat, hand lettered names
Illustration: Custom photo illustration by me.
Photo credits: Wedding photo & Program/order of service by Geoff Beatty. Thankyou card by Halcyon Claire Photography. Both of these photographers were brilliant to work with and made us so relaxed on the day. Absolute pros.


flyer + poster design: PTC Conference

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How to represent ‘All of Life, in All the World?

In April, the Presbyterian Theological Centre asked me to produce a promotional flyer for a 2 day conference they were running in conjunction with the World Reformed Fellowship.

Unlike many conferences, the drawcard was the richness of the background and experience of the speakers from around the world, and they were mostly unknown. The topic, however, was one that would appeal to ordinary church members, not just church leaders and Bible scholars.

The challenge was to create marketing material that would communicate this clearly, make it seem accessible and yet compelling. The format was a DL flyer/handout (as small as possible to save costs on printing) and an A3 poster that would be pinned up at churches.

The Poster Design

My approach was to draw together my own photography into a matrix to visually pull out the difference in world cultures and the church. The images are from Sydney, Japan, Vanuatu and are both distinctive and suggestive. The colours were fresh and based on the photographs.

Front page of DL Flyer

Reverse of DL Flyer with details and registration form

David Burke, one of the organisers and a Lecturer from PTC, had this to say about working with me on the design:

It was a positive experience to work with Fiona. She listened to the information we presented and worked in a way that was sensitive to the brief. She was readily available and flexible in contact and we were pleased with the final result.

The printing was done by Springwood Printing, who were very easy to work with and quite flexible in providing quotes and options.

business card: Quantum Events

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Quantum Events is a production and lighting company starting to make themselves known in Sydney. They already had a wicked logo but needed some help to get it into a format they could put into people’s hands.

Matt Celloglaze business cards with a Spot UV finish to highlight the logo design

I designed them a business card that would be memorable and convey the quality production and lighting experience people could expect from the business. The Spot UV varnish adds to the play of light on the cards, something that reflects their business.

The owner, Tom Smart, had this to say about the project:

You were very easy to work with, and I had complete confidence through out the entire project

Full Colour / double sided business card design

The imagery on the back of the card is based on their logo and gives priority to the contact details of the owner. Click below to see the artwork for the cards.

Check them out on Facebook or visit their website for a pricing list.

UTS projects: KW Doggett promotional booklet

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Back Cover of KW Doggett Booklet

Our prepress & print design ‘major’ project was a multi-page booklet for promoting the paper company, KW Doggett.

KW Doggett produces a large range of paper promotions throughout the year, and this booklet was designed to add a more whimsical, thoughtful note to the wide range of promotional material produced for the company. 

The ‘story’ of the booklet is created using excerpts from TS Eliot’s poem, Four Quartets, and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, to build a thread of discovery and possibility (“towards the door we never opened… shall we follow?”).

I chose to design an A5 landscape, perfect bound booklet, highlighting their Curious Translucents, Conquerer CX22 (FSC Certified) and Mega Recycled (Silk) stocks. The promotional booklet for KW Doggett was designed to showcase the exceptional quality of KW Doggett’s papers, and their range of environmental and sustainable papers. Often this is done within the framework of ‘green awareness’, which can make it seem too different or expensive. This brochure uses sustainable paper choices, but doesn’t shout about it. It lets the quality of the paper speak for itself.

Printed on Curious Translucents in metallic PMS ink

Including paper specifications and appropriate logos was a project requirement

There were requirements to include specifications and detailed paper descriptions (like any other paper promotion), include minimum 3 different stocks, and use minimum 1 A2 and maximum 2 A2 double sided pages, in any format.

promotional flyers for family events: Springwood/Woodford Church

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Flyer for Family Fun Day at Woodford Church

An A5 flyer to go out to school children in special Scripture assemblies in the local area, and an A4 version as a poster for similar. I worked from a basic design given to improve the typographic hierarchy and make key information (date, location) more visible. The colours are brighter and more visually appealing, using contrasting colours to attract attention.

Flyer for Family Trivia Night

Similar format issues – for a flyer (probably the reverse side of the first flyer, I added colour, interest and highlighted important information, such as the time (important for families considering coming – knowing the time is essential). Using the Aardvark font to add interest with readability still a priority. I’m quite satisfied with the typographic outcomes of both, considering the short turnaround (ready for pre-press/print in less than 24 hours).

the encounter camp – Lutanda

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identity, type and image design

‘The Encounter’ is a holiday camp run for high school aged youth in the winter holidays. This DL Flyer was created to promote it with a 1 week turnaround from briefing to printing. I established an identity and branding for the camp, including all original imagery and creating a youth friendly and positive vibe.

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