Modern wedding invitations

an invitation that was rich, evocative and easily printable

something that looked modern, rather than the very traditional or classic styles, but without chevrons and on-trend everything.Wedding-Invite_frontWedding-Invite_back

The design continued across the order of service and the thankyou cardsstill004

In lieu of traditional wedding favours like chocolates or candles, we gave gifts from the TEAR Really Useful Gifts catalogue to different projects, and each table received a different item. Having received a lot of bomboniere that were food or cute tokens, I found it hard to justify that myself, knowing that our guests wouldn’t really benefit from a packet of seeds or something else small that fit within our budget – but that same one or two dollars would go much further for people who couldn’t afford to eat or send their children to school. The thankyou card was simple and explained our decision – many of our guests loved the idea and commented on it afterward to us.

Thankyou card for placesettings

Image by Halcyon Claire Photography

If you’re interested in buying the design or having me create your own custom wedding invitations or bits and pieces, please contact me and let me know. I would love to help you celebrate your upcoming wedding day.