photography: nagoya/kariya (aichi prefecture)

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In visiting Nagoya in early December, I caught the very end of autumn leaves, but it was still gorgeous – absolutely crisp air, clear blue skies. I’ve never seen a proper deciduous forest in full flame, but this was a taste of what it must be like. Nagoya autumn leaves

The apartment buildings have small playgrounds that look like they haven’t changed for 40 years since they were first put in. The colours here meld with the fallen autumn leaves, and children walk home from school rugged up in the 9 degree air. Nagoya playground 1

I love looking out from Japanese apartment buildings, having grown up in the sprawling Australian suburbs. From the top floor, its a bit like looking out at a raised ground level. Most apartments are only 3 to 5 storeys (kai) high, and so you can actually still see the gorgeous winter sky. Nagoya view1

photography: summer is…

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…here, it seems. I caught my first cicada yesterday, a little green grocer. There are so many more birds in our garden, now that we are sans le chat. This afternoon I lose all of my wisdom (in four parts), but in the meantime, I’m making a polka dot dress (almost finished!), doing the chores and sifting through polaroids that remind me of summer.

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jacaranda rain

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it’s bucketing today. raining every time i look up, every time i check the news, every time a new week starts it feels like its raining. i’m not complaining, because we definitely need it. i’m just quietly hoping that the jacarandas down at the river hold up so i can take my beau to visit them in all their purple hazy glory. there’s nothing quite like sunrise over the river, early morning cold and the opressive heat that hits you the moment the sun comes up.

polaroid ID-UV

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Some of my first shots with ID-UV, a spectacularly beautiful and unpredictable tungsten-balanced peel apart polaroid film. I was lucky enough to score these packs from the US in a sale, exquisitly expired. the smell never leaves your hands as you shoot; it’s the aroma of nostalgia to me.


There’s some more somewhere, I just lose them occasionally.