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Soulies Youth Community (on the Northern Beaches in Sydney) wanted a new logo to start the year off (just in time for summercamp) – something fresh, and something adaptable to a lot of different formats – web, full colour printing, black and white photocopying, video tags…

What they say about themselves:

SOULIES is the youth community of St Faith’s Anglican Church Narrabeen on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We want to be a community who: Love Jesus; Love Jesus’ People; Love Jesus’ World.

The triple circle is all about their motto – Love Jesus, Love Jesus’ People, Love Jesus’ World. They used it on T-shirts, stickers and everything in between – even into a gesture! Talk about brand adoption.

Word on the street is they have some sweet flyers for this term coming up too, using the style I set with the first summercamp flyer. I have plans to make a video tag for it with some motion graphics. Stay tuned!

<EDIT>By Dave Miers

Smashing up the vintage photos and style we set up for the summercamp postcard. Get to it, kidz!


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