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Pace Farm website header

What kept us busy over the summer, you might be wondering? Well, it wasn’t all days at the beach and summer road trips – instead James Kirsop and I were working on a promotional website for Pace Farm Eggs, an Australian family-owned egg company.

They ran a competition from February to April 2011 as a cross-promotion with Universal Studios, Illumination Entertainment and their Easter family movie release, ‘HOP‘, and they wanted an engaging new homepage to complement their online competition entry form.

The promotion was entered by purchasing a pack of specially marked eggs, and then entering online through a secure entry form, which randomly generated 100 instant winners of family movie passes, and stored the entrant’s details for the major prize draw – 7 family farmstays!

Entry Form Page

It was considerably successful – there were more than 6,000 visits to the website over the competition period and more than 3,000 people entered the competition – surpassing our client’s expectations for the website.

We also included content from Universal – a plot synopsis for the movie, colouring-in pages, link to the official HOP movie website, a trailer and more, to tie into the promotion. Aren’t the characters from the movie cute! The home page also had links to existing Pace Farm website content like kid-friendly recipes and craft ideas, and a header link let visitors go straight to the old homepage if they so desired.

Overall, a success! Happy clients, and a technically complex website put together by James Kirsop, myself and Gareth Parker (ASP.Net coding). We were overwhelmed by the responses and so excited to see that the competition was so successful. To check if you’re a winner, visit the Pace Farm Eggs homepage today and have a look at our work in action.


2 thoughts on “website design: Pace Farm Eggs

  1. For such a pretty website, there’s almost no coding behind it – I’ve written macros in Excel that are four or five times longer than this! (Although, this probably speaks more of my poor coding skills than the simplicity of the website build.)

    Perhaps that’s the point, though: Pace Farm’s website works so well because of its simplicity. Instead of trying to work in every possible combination of flashy, shiny things, it’s got a clear focus and it gets the job done as efficiently as possible.

    Okay, I’ll stop trying to be a design student and return to being an accountant now.

    1. Hi alex, yes, the front page coding is fairly straight forward. However, the complex part of the coding was in developing the database and the instant win/entry form and validation. Things I don’t really have to understand the intricacies of, but which take time. Also, the design is simple, but took some time in the crafting, and a lot of approvals. But I am super happy with the finished design, I’ve just seen it too many times and lost the initial impact of the design. I do still love the little chick in the candy pile tho.

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