UTS projects: Emperor Fitness Branding

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The project brief was for a strong corporate identity that would build the brand of Emperor Fitness, an inner city outdoor fitness provider. We worked with the client from briefing through to presenting ideas to discover what they wanted in new promotional material and what type of new customers they intended to reach.

The logo was updated to be more streamlined, punchier and bolder.

Emperor Fitness New Logo Design

I proposed an update to their logo which used block typefaces and strong lines with yellow and black, keeping the existing concept but strengthening the design. (Their existing logo can be seen at their website).

The scope of the project also included a business card, letterhead/invoice and gift voucher.

Emperor Fitness wants to promote its website, something that has been taken into account in the business card design.

business card design

Letterhead & Invoice design

Letterhead & Invoice Design

The letterhead uses minimal ink, keeping in mind that Emperor Fitness usually emails letters or invoices to their clients to print for their own records. The tax invoice uses the letterhead design and would be supplied to the client as a template they could print on existing printed letterhead if so desired.

Folded Gift Voucher

Folded Gift Voucher

Open Gift Voucher

Open Gift Voucher

The gift voucher uses striking contrast and an interesting die cut to introduce Emperor Fitness to a potential new client, and also reinforce existing customer sentiments about the brand – ideas of strength, energy and boldness.

Feedback on my work:

“Professionally presentation with good attention to detail. Good use of typographic hierarchy and consistency throughout. The Gift Voucher is particularly well thought out and executed. Really lovely work, well done.”


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